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Sustainable Fashion! What can we do about it?

Sustainable Fashion! What can we do about it?

Hello my friends! How are you and how do you deal with the Coronavirus problem? Do I find you in a good health and mood? I do hope so for all of you! 🙂

I come today with a subject that worries me a lot recently, and you have already noticed this in my last posts, concerning the green ecological closet, the ethical wardrobe, the sustainable fashion. Now it is a necessity to contribute as much as we can and to become more aware of environmental protection.

The brands, more and more, start to go down that road because it is one way, it’s not a trend, another one trend. They have started to use materials such as organic cotton, the Tencel, the recycled polyester. Slowly the consumers, from their side, are beginning to become more and more aware of this behavior. In Greece, you can see this behavior to become more intense lately.

Do you know that you must wear at least 30 times a garment that we bought to say that it has done depreciation at the environmental damage? Do you know that the process of making a t-shirt requires 2.700 liters of water, roughly the amount that a person drinks for three years? Do you know that the procedure to produce 1 kg of fabric, release 23 liters of gas in the atmosphere, which contributes to the creation of the Greenhouse Effect?

All these are more than enough to make us think, how important is the sustainability of fashion and environmental protection.

But what can we do to have a green wardrobe? In practice, how can we help, from our side to all of this?

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First, by starting to make an investigation of the brands that they have begun to go in this direction. To the sustainability of fashion, towards the ethical closet. We can start then to “build” our wardrobe by buying one item at a time. There is no need to buy all of them at once.

We can also sort out our closet and see what we love and what we don’t love to wear. We usually do this twice a year, when we have to change the seasonal clothes for the winter and the summer. So we can sort out what we haven’t worn the past 3-4 years and decide what to do with them. We do not throw them away. Why? Because they do not decompose. Instead, we can give them away or donate them to charities. We can even sell them. There are so many internet platforms that they resell clothes, but there are also and second-hand shops that they also resell clothes.

We can also buy from vintage and second-hand shops. In this way, we will create many more exciting outfits and styles.

We can even give our clothes for recycling. There are shops and brands that they take our clothes for recycling.

But we can also “recycle” our style with our old clothes, to give them a second chance. Pair them with something new, cloth or accessory, and give them fresh air. This way, we can enjoy them again and again by renewing them, as I did to one black jumpsuit of mine that I had.

Something that I also really love to do is to remodel clothes of mine. Maybe we don’t wear something old because it’s long, for instance, a coat or a skirt. I make it shorter, change it the way I love, to wear it again and again. Check out in my INSTAGRAM IGTV (4′: 42″), how I transformed a leather skirt of mine to wear it again. And I am so proud of this transformation because everybody who sees it for the first time loves it immediately.

I would love to hear from you what are your thoughts about the sustainability of fashion, your ideas about the green wardrobe. What do you believe that we can do more to move towards that direction, giving me some more inspirations to follow?

Till we meet again – stay tuned because a post about my favorite vintage clothes is coming – we #stayhome, and together we are going to go out of this challenging situation more robust and more mature. And of course, don’t forget to live every moment with passion!


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