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Rock N΄ Walk…

Rock N΄ Walk…

Good Afternoon Everyone! Hope you ‘re all well.

I really enjoy the days that I don’t have to dress up for my work, where I have to be more formal and I can wear whatever I really like. And what is this? To rock my style a little bit as you can see me here in these photos with jeans, jacket and accessories.

I’m sure you noticed, if you have seen my previous posts, that I simply cannot resist the “street art”, especially when the colors are so vivid and beautiful. I just love all about this art which uplifts my mood.

Hope you are feeling the same way about this kind of art. 🙂

Live every moment with passion!

Redhead Illusion - Rock 'N  Walk-02
Redhead Illusion - Rock 'N  Walk-03
Redhead Illusion - Rock 'N  Walk-04
Redhead Illusion - Rock 'N  Walk-05
Redhead Illusion - Rock 'N  Walk-06

I wear

Jeans – Denny Rose ( Wild Side by Meli )
Leather Jacket – Mango
T-Shirt – Silvian Heach
Bag – Louis Vuitton
Shoes – Ioannou
Sunglasses – Michael Kors
Belt – Denny Rose
Ring – ASOS
Cross Ring – Personal collection
Bracelet – Zara
Knitted Bracelet – Cruciani
Scarf – Cornelia Kremer

Photos by Panos Konios

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