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Garden… beauty!

Garden… beauty!

Good Evening Everyone!

The holidays have passed and I really hope that they were beautiful for all of you!

We, as women, these festive days, take care of a little more of ourselves, so as to be more beautiful and glamorous! But you know what I think? Every day I want to be beautiful and glamorous as being a feast! That’s why I think that our care of our skin and our beauty should never ever stop!

And precisely for this reason, I tried the products of Garden of Panthenols, which recently started to be in beautiful offer packages in pharmacies, to which I could not resist!
One pack of 3 products for our skin and another one with 2 nail polishes and a nail polish remover. You can visit their facebook page Garden of Panthenols to find more about the products or visit their site www.panthenols.com to find more about Panthenols.

Excellent quality, incredible price, packaging that makes the mood!

Who said that the gifts did not continue after Christmas!

Laugh because it’s the best beauty ingredient and don’t forget to live every moment with passion!


Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Beauty Sets - Garden Beauty - Panthenols-02
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Beauty Sets - Garden Beauty - Panthenols-03

Photos by Panagiotis Mikropoulos

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