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Good Evening to You All!

The truth is that specific details in the clothes always fascinated me especially when I encounter them in dresses.

Much more when the dress happens to be handmade, as you see such one in these photos of mine, then the result is magical!

The feathers is an addition that really transforms every garment and it certainly does not pass unnoticed, impressing those around you.

I find invaluable everything that is handmade and unique, which charms our senses and beautifies our lives! I hope you agree with me.

Live every moment with passion!

Redhead Illusion - Feathers-02
Redhead Illusion - Feathers-03
Redhead Illusion - Feathers-04
Redhead Illusion - Feathers-05
Redhead Illusion - Feathers-06

I wear

Trench Coat – Burberry
Handmade Dress – Vintage
Bag – Burberry
Pumps – Zara
Necklace – Personal collection
Ring – Ekaterini

Photos by Panos Konios

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