Issue 1 of 10 Elegant Outfit Ideas

To Boost Your Self-Confidence Without Breaking The Bank


Love fashion, but don’t think you have the budget?
Learn how to create elegance, style, and sophistication in any look, without paying for fleeting trends or expensive designer labels.
I’ll show you my favourite simple ways you can use your wardrobe staples to look classy, feel elegant, and carry yourself like a Hollywood star—without the Hollywood budget.

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I’m Going to Let You In on a Secret:
Elegance Doesn’t Come With a Price Tag


Do you find yourself running around all day, going from work, to looking after your family, to meeting friends, with barely any free time for yourself?

Particularly as a busy woman, finding the time to dress in style can seem challenging.

But ‘style’ doesn’t come with labels. It’s not about the expensive brand name.

Style is about your  ability to pick and choose the right clothes and accessories, how you carry yourself, and having the confidence to own your look.

This Is Your Step-By-Step Guide
to a Lifetime of Style

This eBook is the first in a series of Style Guides for the busy woman who wants quick, straightforward tips on how to use your existing wardrobe staples to create sleek, sophisticated looks, in any season.

In this eBook, I’ll show you that you don’t need to break the bank buying Gucci. All you need is an eye for quality. Because quality and style never go out of fashion.

I’m going to show you how you can have timeless style and elegance in every look you wear, no matter your budget.

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What’s Inside This eBook

Issue 1 of 10 Elegant Outfit Ideas teaches you how to create elegant outfits, on any budget. You’ll learn how to:

Turn Heads With a Stylish Midi Pencil Skirt

One of the classic fashion staples that every woman needs in her armory. Learn how to wear yours in the right way, for that classic, timeless silhouette.

Create Perfect Combinations With Wide-legged Pants

Ideal for empowering every body shape, you’ll learn how to create an elegant alternative look that oozes chic style and sophistication, at any time of the day.

Catch Someone’s Eye With That Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a must-have for any wardrobe. Your go-to glam piece, learn how to pick the right one, how to care for it, and how to style it for any season.

Wear A Mini Dress With Style

Bored with a miniskirt? Learn how to style a mini dress instead for an edgier, more fashion-forward option.

Flatter Your Figure With a Chic Trouser Suit

The iconic trouser suit ticks every style box. Whatever the occasion, you’ll learn how to wear this piece with style, sophistication, and turn heads for all the right reasons.

Gain a Wealth of Fashion Options With a Pale-Colour Knee-Length Dress

Flexible, versatile, classy, and always on-trend, the knee-length dress is the ultimate in year-round style.

Dare to Pull Off Those Red Pants

Bright, bold red pants are one of the surprising staples that you can style for any occasion. Learn how to feel beautiful, comfortable, strong, and sexy, in a look that will never let you down.

Own the Iconic Summer Look With a Maxi Floral Dress

A floaty, floral maxi dress screams summer sophistication. It’s cool, serene, stylish, and adds boho-chic to any occasion.

Modernise Your Look With a Mini Asymmetrical Skirt

A classy addition to any wardrobe, learn how to make your mini asymmetrical skirt the centrepiece of your outfit.

Make a Statement With a One-Piece Jumpsuit

Grab attention with a smart, sexy jumpsuit. Feel confident, feminine, powerful, and in control, whatever the occasion.

My eBook goes into each of these topics in much more detail, and lays them out in 10 easy-to-follow chapters. You’ll understand exactly  what it takes to turn your everyday wardrobe into a chic, stylish, and sustainable fashion treasure chest.

Plus, Learn How To…

Dress Classy on a Budget

10 of my favourite tips to dress classy without breaking the bank. You’ll learn quick and easy ways to choose the right pieces, and how to wear them, so you can walk with style every day of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Start learning how to look, feel, and dress with class, for any occasion.


Fashion eBook Testimonial - Heidi Chadjideris

An excellent style guide

It was so refreshing to read an eBook written by someone who isn’t afraid to share valuable knowledge and inspire with her style and her beautiful photos. The eBook is an easy read and with lots of beautiful images. For many, there is at least one piece of invaluable advice that is worth the price of the entire eBook. I like her way of writing, as you can quickly read through and pick up the key pointers on how to dress with style without breaking the bank. Overall it’s an excellent style guide on how to create elegant, sleek, and sophisticated looks no matter the budget.

Heidi Chadjideris

Educator - European School Brussels I
Fashion eBook Testimonial - Marialena Effraimidou

Colors and shapes bound in elegance

A kaleidoscope of visual creativity and ideas regarding daily fashion. I thought, “I knew things,” but the truth is that I am still learning. Items and details combined with real passion creating an unexpected result. I would strongly recommend it, even to women who believe that they have already found their fashion style.

Marialena Effraimidou

Digital Marketing Specialist
Fashion eBook Testimonial - Stella Chatzipoufli

A brilliant work, worth checking out

This practical handbook is an excellent choice if you are looking for some fashion inspiration and secrets to look effortlessly stylish. The numerous photographs throughout the book complement Menia’s pieces of advice perfectly. What intrigued me most were all the tips for reusing a single item in so many different ways. Overall a brilliant work, worth checking out!

Stella Chatzipoufli

Senior Manager - Piraeus Bank
Fashion eBook Testimonial - Efi Tsanana

Built elegant outfits with fresh to the point ideas

It is elegant! It is classy! It is proof that simplicity is the power of style! It is more than an eBook! You can feel that fashion is some steps away! It is the perfect style guide to learn how to build elegant outfits with a bunch of fresh to the point ideas. I highly recommend it since fashion is closer than we think!

Efi Tsanana

Fashion eBook Testimonial - Despoina Bakaloudi

Let’s read. It’s elegant

This eBook is an excellent suggestion for women interested in their styling. Tips and options, combinations, and creativity show us how to refine our outfits all day long and for every occasion. It’s a style guide surely inspiring to conquer elegance.

Despoina Bakaloudi

Former Bank Employee

RHI - Fashion Books - 10 Elegant Outfit Ideas - Issue 1 reading by woman

Learn How to Look Stylish and Put-Together Without Even Trying

Being and looking classy isn’t about access to the biggest designer labels.

There’s a huge difference between looking on-trend and looking stylish.

With these 10 Elegant Ideas, you’ll be able to stay away from the fashion pitfalls of trashy celebrities and social media starlets. You’ll look sophisticated, alluring, and able to pull off any outfit with absolute confidence, no matter how much your outfit costs.

You’ll Always Look Good, No Matter the Fashion

Remember low-waist bootcut jeans? Exactly. Learning how to dress well, with a selection of good quality staple pieces, means you’ll never fall into fleeting fashion traps.

You’ll Know How to Pick the Right Pieces

Good quality isn’t cheap—but trashy, classless fashion costs you even more. Learning how  to pick the right wardrobe pieces is an investment in a lifetime of elegant, chic styles.

Mindlessly Following the Latest Trends is Expensive

Buying the latest fashions each season, and constantly updating your look as labels bring out new collections, costs a lot of money. Instead, concentrating on buying a limited number of good quality, timeless pieces means you simply need to match your clothes in different ways to obtain a glamorous new style.

Style is Forever

Fashions come and go, but learning how to choose and wear the right wardrobe staples means you’ll always look elegant and classy. You’ll be seen as someone who’s confident, in control, and doesn’t just do what the newest celebrities are doing.

“If you know who you are,
then fashion follows
If fashion follows you,
then your style is an inspiration for others.”

Timeless Sophistication is Within Your Reach

All you need are the right tips, ideas, and insight into how  to style your wardrobe staples.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to learn how to boost your confidence, wear your wardrobe with style, and create elegant outfits that you can wear anywhere?

Learn all this and more in my eBook, 10 Elegant Outfit Ideas To Boost Your Self-Confidence Without Breaking The Bank.

Buy it here now!


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Seasonal Style

Learn practical tips that you can use to repurpose your outfits, all year round.
From flowing summer dresses to a chic winter look, you’ll ensure you always have the skills to create a stylish look.

Real Life Tips

This eBook is designed for the real woman.
Not a fashion designer, not an A-list celebrity.
You get real-world, useful advice, centered around the classic wardrobe staples you already own.

Timeless Advice

With these 10 outfit ideas, you’ll be able to create timeless looks, without rushing out to buy the latest Louis Vuitton.
Because fashion comes and goes—but style is forever.