Menia Ioannidou

Inspiring Personal Style Fashion Blogger

Menia Ioannidou is a personal style fashion blogger and founder of the fashion blog She lives in Thessaloniki, Greece, with her husband and her lovely daughter, who are not only her fashion assistants but also her hardest critics.

Apart from her everlasting love about everything that has to do with fashion, among many other things, she loves to work out, dance, take photographs, watch movies and theatrical plays, listen to music, and travel whenever she finds the right opportunity.

Her love for fashion started since she was a child, and she hopes that these fashion eBooks of hers not only will help every woman to enrich her finesse and elegance but also to inspire her no matter what her age is.


I like to meet new places, so whenever I find the time I try to escape to nearby destinations or to distant ones.

Reading Books & Magazines

Reading books and magazines is something that please me very much and it takes all the stress of my demanding everyday schedule.

Watching Movies

Whenever I watch films and movies that inspire me to watch them, I think that they feed my heart, my mind, and my soul. I believe that somehow, through their stories, help us to be better persons.

Working Out

As I have a College Degree in Physical Education, working out will always be a part of my life. I think that I couldn't live without it.


Most of the time I was always in front of a camera but I always wanted to be behind it to find out what I will discover through its lens. And when I did this, since then I never stoped to take pictures everything that piques my interest.

Listening Music

Whenever I want to escape from something that bothers me, to relax, or to let my mind travel away, I always choose to listen to music, and that happens most of the time.
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Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered.

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Events, Presentations, and Participations
  • Presentation of the Concert of Vienna Classic Orchestra
  • Presentations of Different Fashion Shows
  • Participations in Different Social Events
  • Voluntary participation in various competitions helping people with mobility problems