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Emerald maxi dress!

Emerald maxi dress!

Hello Everyone!

How are you these last days of the most festive season of the year?

I know, judging from myself, of course, that are so many things to do this period, and to prepare for our beloved people! But no complaints about this, because this is the beauty of this season. All these preparations and the waiting for the days that we will be able to celebrate with them and show them our love!

And because I love you too and I want to see you happy, I have one more festive outlook for you, just a little more inspiration, in case you still don’t know what to wear these days. Did you check out my previous ones? If you didn’t you could see them if you visit “Multicolored Lurex Ball Dress!” or “Nights in… blue velvet!” or “Festive little black dress!”.

The truth is that you can wear this dress in many more cases besides this season. But whenever or wherever you will wear it, you are going to be absolutely stunning, and the eyes will be on you because we are talking about a dress that has femininity, sensuality and class!

In a gorgeous emerald color and with a lovely flowy style that compliments the figure, creates a very charming look and gives a complete “softness” to the total outfit!

For all of us with a medium height, I think high heeled sandals are necessary. In black, gold or in damask color are perfect!

I could wear a wide, black, or gold belt, but I preferred a less obvious option with the waist bag in gold that gives a twist in the style and a lot of freedom to move around!

The rich velvet shawl makes the feminine game more interesting and me feeling like a star of old Hollywood!

Let yourself feel the magic of these days and express your femininity in the way you feel beautiful! Only in this way you can have self-confidence. And self-confidence, my ladies is the best accessory that you can ever wear! The accessory that makes you irresistible!

Magic offers all the time the “Kolossaion” cinema-theatre that inspired my festive looks, and I can’t thank enough the management of it for their warm hospitality!

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-02
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-03
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-04
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-05
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-06
Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Emerald Maxi Dress-07

Until we meet again, live every moment with passion!


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I wear

Emerald Maxi dress – Stelios Koudounaris, Fedora Fashion
High Heeled Sandals, Small Bag-Belt – Fedora Fashion
Necklace – Polsin, Handmade Jewelry
Earrings – Wild Side by Meli

Photos by Nikoleta Vainali

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