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Classy Boho Style!

Classy Boho Style!

Hello Everyone!

How are you? Are you safe and well?

In Greece, we started to wear masks again when we visit a shop or an office, and in some places and when you walk in outer space. Each day our Government announces new measures to deal with the Covid-19. The threat came back, so we have to wear masks and keep distances. How are things in your countries?

My way of dealing with this situation is to stay positive and be with positive and optimistic people around me. Also, I try to stay focus and give all my energy to activities I love most. Reading, decorating, taking photos that I love, or write my articles about fashion and style for my blog and my next eBook. The first one you can see it if you visit the link Issue 1 of 10 Elegant Outfit Ideas

I think the secret is to keep yourself occupied and optimistic that this is a temporary situation and that somehow, in the end, we will find a way to overcome this problem.

And since we are speaking about fashion that makes me happy and Ι love it, and I do believe that a lot of you feel the same too, today I have for you a style that I love not only for summer days but also for the winter ones.

The boho-chic style. This carefree, relaxed style that reminds us of the hippy style of the 60s and 70s, but to be correct, it’s a style that combines elements from a lot of cultures and different eras like ethnic and vintage.

I am wearing a pair of flared jeans that I already had a couple of years ago, and I paired it with a romantic cropped top with lantern sleeves.

I am sure that you already have a pair of flared jeans in your closet, but if you don’t, I think you should consider having one for many reasons during this sales period that is ahead of us.

It can be paired with many other items, like shirts, tops, blazers, to create styles from day to night, from a casual day to your office or a party at night.

It is the perfect transition item from the hot summer days to cold winter ones.

It has this unique ability to elongate the silhouette. Isn’t this great? Especially if you wear high heel platforms like I do in this outfit and look like I am 2m tall. 🙂

If you want to check out more boho styles, I have one with a skirt here Boho mood in a “Flea market”! and a winter boho outfit here One and only!

Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-01
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-02
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-03
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-04
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-05
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-06
Redhead Iillusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Classy Boho Style-07

Loose hair, light makeup, and my best mood are all that I need, and with them, I completed the look for a perfect August afternoon that it’s a little bit melancholic since it reminds us that the summer is coming to an end.

Till we meet again, #staysafe, #staypositive, and don’t forget to live every moment with passion!


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I wear

Jeans – H&M
Cropped Top – SheIn
Bag – MyShoe

Photos by Nikoleta Vainali

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