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Christmas present!

Christmas present!

We are a few weeks away from Christmas and we are all getting prepared for Christmas shopping for the people that we love. Presents don’t have to be expensive because it matters only the “movement” and the mood with which they are offered. Such a beautiful season!

But you know what? Besides shopping my Christmas presents for my beloved I usually shop something for myself too.

So this year I decided that this could be an extra care for my skin. I felt that I needed it so it was the perfect time for me to have it!

Of course i went to my favorite beauty salon, Dermaway. The gave me the information for the products that I needed for such an extra care for my skin that I wanted so much.

I already use these products for two weeks right now, so I can be able to tell you more about them. My skin tone and elasticity are improving every single day that I use them.

Redhead Ilusion - Beauty - Christmas present - Environ Skin Care-02

First I start with the Focus Hydrating Serum which I use it day and night for my face and eyes.

Then I apply the 24 hours hydrating cream AVST1 with vitamins to nurish and protect my skin.

I have to use cream with vitamin C, C-Boost, on my face as an extra care to calm down the spider veins under my face skin.

Then I use the sun care cream RAD SPF15 because we have to protect our skin from the sun and during the winter too.

And last but most important is my morning and evening demaquillant with the AVST Moisturising Toner and the AVST Cleansing Lotion. In the morning is still a little bit difficult but … 🙂

Redhead Ilusion - Beauty - Christmas present - Environ Skin Care-03

My skin is improving every day more and more, and something tells me that the days of Christmas my face will regain its lost moisture and care!

Redhead Ilusion - Beauty - Christmas present - Environ Skin Care-04

What gift would you like to give yourself at Christmas? Let yourself free to express itself. We have said, our dreams help us to live and breathe …!

I wish you a beautiful night and don’t forget to live every moment with passion!

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