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6 smart ways to organize our wardrobe!

6 smart ways to organize our wardrobe!

Now is the time!

Full quarantine is now a fact. It has shaped and changed our daily lives, but we have accepted it as the only solution to protect all of us from the Coronavirus.

We adapted our work, our activities (e.g., gymnastics) in our home now. While at first, we panicked what we can do in our home with so much free time, now we have all found ways to be active, either alone or with our family.

One of these activities that we can do at home is the organization of our wardrobe that we never had the time to do, and the whole process always seems like a mountain climb due to time and fatigue.

But now we have time, and I think we are a little more relaxed, so let’s get started. What do you say?

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1) We take all the clothes out of our closet to have a complete picture of our clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. Also, not only in this way, we have a full view of our wardrobe for the storage we want to do, but we can also clean it more easily.

2) We divide our clothes into categories. The ones we often wear, the ones we wear rarely, the ones we haven’t worn at all in the last 3-4 years, and the ones we won’t wear again because we changed the size, style, and our preferences of the clothes.

So after this separation, we keep out what we wear most often. Usually, those are what we wear during summer and winter, but also and the transitional ones. Transitional clothes are the ones that we wear them between the seasons and in each season, for example, jeans, shirts, blazers in neutral colors like black, gray, beige, etc.

The clothes we rarely wear, we store them in bags or boxes or hang them high in our closet.

What we haven’t worn in the last 3-4 years but we like them, it’s time to try them. And here the whole family can participate by playing the judges while you are making a catwalk in the house putting on the clothes. Or your friends can help you online. It is something that I believe entertains everyone, but also in such moments, it brings us closer through a shared activity.

In this way, we can review our opinion about one of these clothes and re-wear them by making other combinations with clothes or accessories. See also the relevant post 3 chic ways to style a jumpsuit!

Whatever we think we will no longer wear at all, we collect them to give to organizations, to sell them on unique platforms that exist on the Internet or to give them for recycling in stores that accept clothes for recycling. In this way, we also contribute to the sustainability of fashion and our planet. See here the relevant post Sustainable Fashion! What can we do about it?

Whatever we did for our clothes, we do the same for our shoes, bags, and accessories.

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3) We organize the clothes in our closet.

We hang the clothes we wear either by type (dresses, pants, shirts, skirts), either by length or by color. Whatever suits us best. I prefer to hang them according to what type they are and find them in my closet easily.

The ones that are out of season or we rarely wear them (e.g., Gowns) we hang them higher, or we store them in bags and boxes

We arrange our drawers with t-shirts, underwear, scarves, and accessories.

From our shoes, we keep out what we wear and store the rest.

For our bags, we have kept some corners in our closet to place them there.

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4) We note, now that we have sorted out our closet, what we are missing to replace it or what needs to be repaired either in clothes, shoes, and bags.

5) We place pleasant aromas in the closets and drawers. Our wardrobe and drawers need to smell nice and be clean.

We can also make pouches with tulle and lavender, and this is a lovely idea for creation with our children.

6) The most important! We take pictures before and after to admire the result all together with our friends or family.

I hope I helped you a little with my ideas for organizing our closet and that you find them useful.

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I will be delighted to see before and after photos of your closets, and if you would like, we could upload them on social media. How do you like this idea?

Many thanks to “Think About Home” Store for the warm and great hospitality and collaboration!

#stayhome and find ways to feel useful and creative until we get back to normal.

Till we meet again, take care of yourself and don’t forget to live with passion!


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