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Comments Policy

Read This Before Leaving a Comment

1-Typographical errors

Yes! They will occur. Although my writing is not always 100% grammatically correct, if you see something extraordinary, please send me a message to correct it.

2-Comments are welcome

You are more than welcome to comment. Whether you feel that your comment won’t get the attention that you want or that you have nothing  important to write,  feel free to write it because every one of your comments draws my full attention.

3-Instructions for Comment Form

Please see that the comment form is filled in with a proper or legitimate sounding name and URL (your first name is also acceptable.)

Comments using keywords, spam or splog-like URL’s or suspicious information in the comment form, will be edited or deleted.

4-Limitation of Links

This Blog is set up to automatically put any blog comment  with more than one link on hold, which may delay your comment from appearing on this Blog. Any blog comment with more than two links could be marked as comment spam.

Please leave your blog URL in the comment form  and do not repeat it at the bottom of your comment.

Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged. Irrelevant links are not encouraged.  Leaving a comment containing a link that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on, could be deleted.

5-Privacy and Protection of Those Commenting

While I respect your privacy, please understand that submissions of comments are not confidential and are outside of the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Please do not submit any information that you would not want to become publicly available. All e-mails, phone numbers and in general, any private and personal information which is posted in any comment, will be deleted as soon as possible to protect the privacy of those commenting.

To prevent such editing, we advise that you never share this private information within the body of the comment. You may include your email address in the submission form as it will not be published.

6-Social conduct

Comments which include offensive or inappropriate language, or considered by me to be rude and offensive, will be edited or deleted.

Please  be polite. Do not include any content that is or could reasonably be considered  defamatory, obscene or sexually explicit, illegal or unlawful, threatening, infringing the privacy rights of any person  or infringing the intellectual property rights of any person or entity.

If you have any complaints about the content on my Blog, please contact me directly by clicking here.

7-Response to Comment

Comments that I feel necessary to respond to, will only be done so through the comment form. I will not respond to a blog comment privately via email or via any other form of communication.

If you should have an important or complex question that would be better discussed offline, please leave a valid e-mail address so that I may contact you outside of the comment form.

8-Comment Spam

Spam is filtered and deleted. Any comment assumed to be possible comment spam will be deleted and marked as comment spam. If any should slip through the filters, I will immediately delete it.

Sometimes genuine comments are marked as spam. If you leave a comment that does not appear in a reasonable period of time, knowing that it does not violate this Comments Policy, please contact me by clicking here.

Please do not use the comment space to advertise things such as your giveaways or contests.

9-No Personal Attacks

If you disagree with something posted, you can either say nothing or voice your concerns in a mature, respectful way. This includes both posts and opinions of others who comment.

10-Blocking Those who Comment

Anyone who violates this Comments Policy may be blocked from future access or commentary on this Blog. I want this Blog to be a safe place for you to read comments.

I welcome submissions that comply with the policies and conditions that apply to this Blog. However, I will protect it from abuse. For example, I will refuse to publish comments from those who submit spam by blocking messages or comments that are being sent from specific internet protocol (IP) addresses or email.

11-All Rights Reserved

I reserve the right to edit, delete, move or mark as spam any and all comments.

I also have the right to block access to any one person or group of persons  from commenting or from the entire Blog.

Your comments are not copyrighted and I may edit them for spammy characteristics (see Rule #3), spelling or other grammatical mistakes.

I reserve the right to moderate any or all comments. If you cannot abide by the rules, your IP will be blocked from further comments.

Thank you for showing respect to the visitors of this Blog!

12-Not Liable

All comments within this Blog are the responsibility of the person commenting and not of the Blog owner.

By submitting a comment on my Blog, you agree that the comment content is your own  and that this Blog is not held responsible for any  and all repercussions, damages, or liability your comment may create.

I own this Blog and my decision is final. I am the sole arbiter of whether a comment is libelous, hateful, hurtful or otherwise inappropriate.

This Blog is my responsibility and I take it and its contents seriously.

Disclosure Policy


One of the key ways that this Blog receives financial compensation is via sponsorships.

This Blog, in some cases and always with discretion, accept financial compensation for his collaborations consisting of original posts written by its Author, which can be described as “advertorial”.

These types of partnerships agreed only as long as the Author of this Blog can maintain her opinion, voice, content and personality, characteristics for which readers in appreciation of them come and visit her Blog.

This Blog does not accept compensation for product reviews or giveaways, but it may  accept products. Affiliate links, which provide a commission based on the number of sales or the number of clicks on them, can be used in the posts without marked as such links, however every effort will be made, so transparency will be maintained.

All editorial content is written without bias or prejudice, regardless of the sponsor or the affiliation programs. Any advertising, advertorials, sponsorship for content and the like will be clearly marked as advertising content and do not reflect the views of this Blog or its Author.


To write a proper review on products, services, websites or various other issues, companies can provide the Author with a sample of the product, which the Author may choose to keep.

The fact that the Author received a complimentary item will not influence the content, topics or messages posted on this Blog.

This Blog and its Author do not provide any guarantee of review, positive or negative. If something does not fit properly, looks funny, defective, or otherwise are “not OK”, the Author will not be claiming the opposite.

This Blog and its Author may choose not to review an item, nor endorse or encourage the sale of a product that does not meet the standards or expectations of the Author. A review is not correct if it is not honest, and this is typical characteristic of this Blog and the Author of it.


This Blog and its Author would like to disclose the following existing relationships.

These are organizations, companies or individuals that may have a significant impact on the content of my Blog. I have a personal or financial interest in the following that is or may be related to my Blog:
ShopBop.com, Amazon.com, and all the other current sponsors, partners and affiliates.


The views and opinions expressed in this Blog are purely its Author’s own.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or other presentation for a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

The Αuthor does “NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.” This Blog is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

Press Review and Sample Policy

Please read this in its entirety before contacting Redhead Illusion for a product review. Coming in contact with the Author you accept these conditions provided below.

The Redhead Illusion welcomes product reviews for jewelry, clothing, handbags, shoes, and other pieces of fashion and beauty products such as makeup, skincare and hair care. I write honest, real, and fully revealing posts for products that I worthy of review.

You are welcome to send your product or your sample to be examined whether I review it or not. Only those products that I received and I think that they might be appropriate for review, will be posted on Redhead Illusion, therefore, I reserve the right not to make a review for a product that has been sent to me.


Clothing, jewelry, handbags and other relevant samples can be sent to RI for use in a post for outfit dress. Outfit posts consist of 1-4 stylish and elegant pictures showing my total dress outfit. These posts are by far the most popular on RI, and result in the most sales of a particular product.

To see one of your designs on my outfit posts, you can send the product (s) in my mailing address (contact me for details) and I may include it in one of my outfit posts.


Under full disclosure for the good of the FTC and (most importantly) the trust of my readers, sponsored items clearly indicated in the caption of the message.

I will link to your website with “Courtesy of (the brand here)” or “c / o (your brand).”

I reserve the right not to make a review or not to write a post for your products for any reason.


Please understand that due to the volume of applications I receive, I cannot guarantee a time period, when your item will appear in a post of mine.

While doing every effort to work with the samples I receive, if for any reason I decide that the sample cannot be worn, I will work with you to find another way to show off your brand, but please understand that I still reserve the right not to return unwanted samples.


Please note that due to the volume of applications and the investment of time and effort required to integrate your samples and your products within the content of Redhead Illusion, any sample sent for any reason, will not be returned.

Advertising Policy


All advertising is in the form of advertisements via allocated (monthly subscription) advertising banners provided by few, specific and official donors sponsors.

Those ads will be identified as paid advertisements, or sponsors. Some links to retailers cannot be considered as paid advertisements, but may receive compensation for connecting with them through my posts.

I hope that if my post convinced you to buy a product, you buy it by clicking on (if applicable) affiliate link to help me keep this Blog running! If you are interested in sponsoring, please click here.


Please note that due to the saturation of the market with giveaways, and the time that it takes away from actually writing original content in this Blog, giveaways will not be guaranteed to any person, company, brand, or sponsor.

Moreover, to keep the status of this Blog high and also the quality of my readers, gifts should be considered only those whose total value is $500 or more.

Furthermore, giveaways can be hosted in Redhead Illusion only from official sponsors, but this does not guarantee or imply the right to host a gift / giveaway, in Redhead Illusion. Proposals gifts from sponsors evaluated based on the item.

Click here for more information on how you can become an official sponsor.


This Blog DOES NOT participate in link exchanges. This Blog DOES NOT sell or exchange text links in posts, blogrolls or anywhere else in RI.


Currently, banner ads targeting the areas of fashion and beauty are the only forms of advertising offered.

Editorial Policy


This Blog provides content other than comments, for general information purposes only. The contents are the views of this Blog and its Author.

The Author of this Blog is not a qualified medical doctor nor a certified expert in the field of beauty or fashion.

You never have to replace information obtained from a licensed professional with information from this Blog.

The information in this Blog may be changed without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up to date. The views expressed in this Blog or through this Blog are the opinions of its Author.


All contents and images are copyright of © 2013 Redhead Illusion ™ unless otherwise stated. Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Author of this Blog.

If you wish to use any of my photos from this Blog please send me an email first and provide a link (back to my Blog) with the content you are using. Thank you very much!


Redhead Illusion ™ is a registered trademark and may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

This policy is effective from May 8, 2013. These policies and terms are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.