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Pink mood!

Good Evening Everyone!

These photos were taken a few days ago, when the sun was still shining and was making me feel great. If you have not understood it yet, rainy days bring me melancholia. ( What a beautiful greek word, unlike its meaning! )

Whenever I feel great or I am excited about something, I like very much to show it always wearing something that reflects these feelings of mine. And this time I decided to wear this pink dress that you see in my photos.

To “calm down” the romanticism of this dress I combined it with a burgundy leather jacket and I hope that you will like this combination.

Have a nice evening and don’t forget to live every moment with passion!


Redhead Illusion - Pink mood - H&M Dress - Massimo Dutti Jacket-02
Redhead Illusion - Pink mood - H&M Dress - Massimo Dutti Jacket-03
Redhead Illusion - Pink mood - H&M Dress - Massimo Dutti Jacket-04
Redhead Illusion - Pink mood - H&M Dress - Massimo Dutti Jacket-05

I wear

Dress – H&M
Leather Jacket – Massimo Dutti
Pumps – Shoe Art Ioannou
Bag – Zara
Necklace & Bracelet – Personal Collection
Ring – Zara

Photos by Panos Konios

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