Welcome to my blog!

Many things, situations, emotions, ideas and images, (and not necessarily only these), finally contributed to the construction of this blog.

But there were two things that played the most important role for me.

The first one is my passion for life and the second thing is that in our lives we must not take anything for granted and that we should not let  even one moment to be wasted.

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - About Me - Portrait-0004

For me this is the meaning of the word “illusion” The attempt to live some things as we dream them, with everything that this means for ourselves and for those around us and maybe the whole world …!

The word “redhead”, whereby the combination of these two words is the title of my blog, can very easily be understood and it may be kept for yourself and you may define it as you wish,  whether it is the color of my hair or it is the color of passion or whether it is ultimately “illusions” inside a “redhead’s head”!

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - About Me - Portrait-0009

Referring now to the clothing, shoes and accessories that appear in the various pictures of my articles, not all of them belong to me but many of them belong to my friends, who by letting me use them, contributed greatly to the operation of my blog. Without them, all of this would not be fun and I thank them for that, like my family too for their endless support.

In many parts of my blog, you might encounter advertisements and advertising links always relating to its content. However, in no case do they change the way I think and understand fashion, so I always follow and apply everything I consider to suit me best.

You should also know that when I refer to my posts on issues of fitness and health, even though I know enough about them through my studies, what may be stated in them should not replace your doctor’s advice, who you should always consult on matters concerning health.

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - About Me - Portrait-0005

I wish that this journey that I’m making with you, will beautify your life a little bit more and hope that you enjoy it the same or even more, as I intend to enjoy it too.

If you want to know more about me you can learn more by clicking my About me page.

Live your passion and  don’t forget to smile!

With love


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