Balmain Spring-Summer 2015

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Balmain Spring-Summer 2015

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Fashion Show Balmain Spring-Summer 2015

This 2015 spring-summer season collection of Balmain is much more of just geometric pattern designs and vibrant color streaks. Maybe it’s not clothes that can be accepted by everyone but they are always unique and with a very special fashion “taste”.

Olivier Rousteing with these seductive clothes, with so many see-through fabrics, managed to give a very “sexy touch” to the look of the modern woman – as he feels that this look should be – and from our side we cannot disagree that this intention of him was accomplished completely!

Fashion Music
Music track list of the above fashion show.

Unfortunately I was not able to recognize the music from this unique fashion show. Probably it is custom music from someone Dj. If you know something about it, please mention it in the comments. Thanks.

This is a track that I think it will fit to the style of this fashion show.

1. Depeche Mode- “People Are People” (Greatest Hits) HQ

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Fashion Show Balmain Spring-Summer 2015-02

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Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Fashion Show Balmain Spring-Summer 2015-03

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Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - Fashion Show Balmain Spring-Summer 2015-04

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If you watched the above video of the fashion show you can tell your opinion by taking part in the polls which appear below, by selecting the appropriate option that expresses you or even to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you and don’t forget to live every moment with passion!


How many from the outfits of the fashion show Balmain Spring-Summer 2015 do you think that you could wear them in your everyday life?

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Do you think that the music that was chosen for the fashion show Balmain Spring Summer 2015 fits the style of the show?

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