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“If you know who you are,
then fashion follows you!
If fashion follows you,
then your style is
an inspiration for others!“
Menia Ioannidou


My name is Menia and my love for fashion and style has led me to create this blog, for whose creation you can read more about, by clicking here.

Here you can find out expressions of fashion that reflect my personal style and the ways that I choose to express myself, playing with the clothes and the accessories.

You can discover how easy is to become chic, elegant and classy, using your wardrobe content clever enough, but with fantasy and dare as well.

You will not necessarily need expensive clothes to achieve that. All you need is to find out your style, “Your Personal Style”, and I do hope that through this fashion blog of mine, you will always find ways to beautify with fashion not only your bodies, but your hearts and souls as well.

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This is exactly the secret that we must have in our minds, when we want to buy or to wear a cloth. To know our style and what we want to express through this. Do we want to show our feminine or our powerful side? The romantic , the girly or the sexy one? Maybe it’s more than one! But that’s the magic of fashion and style!

You will not have to spend lots of money for your clothes. You will not even have to be beautiful or to have a great body. All you have to do is to know your style and through the right fashion choices to express yourself with self-confidence, leaving always your mark behind!

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If you didn’t get bored till now and you want to learn a few more things about me, you can keep on reading! :-)

I was born in Germany, but my beautiful country is Greece, and I am lucky enough to live in a city, which combines the beauty of both the mountains and the sea, with a stormy history and a cosmopolitan character. The name of this city is Thessaloniki.

Even though I haven’t studied fashion, my endless hours of employment with fashion books, fashion magazines and fashion shows, that started from my early high school years, helped me to learn a lot of the magical world of fashion and to develop my personal style of it!

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - About Me - Portrait-0001

Another aspect of my life is gymnastics, which eventually I studied it and I worked for several years in various business sectors of it. The knowledge of fashion, together with my studies in gymnastics, led me in the past to teach kinesiology in a local school for models.

Though Ι currently work in the banking business – life sometimes is too weird – gymnastics and fashion give joy and color to my everyday life.

Redhead Illusion - Fashion Blog by Menia - About Me - Portrait-0002

If there is anything you would like to ask me or to learn something more about me and my blog, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.

Always be well and try to enjoy life as much as you can by living your passion!

With love



  1. 4
    Maria Palazi says:

    I think your blog will be very interresting to me, because I love fashion. So I expect to let me know news about fashion!

  2. 5
    Marloes says:

    Dear Menia,

    I really like your website! Lots of love from Holland.


  3. 6
    jannot says:

    Oraio blog…
    Exeis fb ?

  4. 7

    Congratulations for this beautiful trip in the world of fashion…!!!!

  5. 8
    dipak bhavsar says:

    Hello Menia,

    nice blog and beautiful pic…

  6. 9

    After having seen and commented on your various LOOKBOOK outfits, I decided to come here and offer some extra love for your work. You have wonderful and charming style with your outfits. I wish you great success in all aspects of life, even including fashion. Take care and be well.


    • 9.1
      Menia says:

      Thank you very much John for all your love and your great kindness! ♡♡♡

      Much more I would like to thank you too for all your warm wishes and to tell you that you will always be welcome, not only here, but also in Lookbook, where your true comments of your personal fashion taste are so much appreciated!

      From my side I wish you also health, love, luck and happiness, not only to you, but also to the people that you love most!

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